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Group Classes FREE

These classes will have as many clients as the teacher allows. There will be less corrections and the class will remain at a safe level that is suitable for anyone to take part in. They are there to motivate and encourage and time will be allowed after class to chat for those who wish. No pricing option needed.

Group Class paid £12

A lovely variety of classes including Pilates, Yoga, Meditation and Alexander technique. We will aim to provide corrections during these classes. Please ensure that you book a class suitable to your level. Pricing option is ‘Virtual Pilates Group’. Can also be bought in
packages of 5 or 10. Book as many classes as you like! It’s your opportunity to try out different teachers and styles of Pilates!


Please enquire at if you would like to book a private Gyrotonic or Pilates session.

Duet or Trio Pilates Classes £25 and £16.50

Some of our clients have requested to share a private session. If you’d like to do this you should let me know who you’d like to share with and we can arrange. This is a fixed arrangement and should be
booked with Pilates Plus.

How To Book


Please visit or download the app If you already have a user name and password you can log in as usual.

Current Clients if you don’t have log in details please email me and I will set you up. Please DO NOT try to create a new account as it will just duplicate you!

NEW CLIENTS please go to create an account and you will be
prompted with instructions


Purchase your sessions


Book your chosen class by clicking on the book class button. By
clicking on the class name you will see a description of the class.


Download ZOOM.US

How to Join Class

Shortly before your class you will receive an email from your
teacher. It will give you a link or password or personal ID with which you can launch Zoom and join the class. If you are unfamiliar with the set up I recommend you join early and ensure that your tablet/phone has enough battery in it and your Wifi signal is good.

It helps for the teacher be able to see you when you are on your
mat. Putting your mat horizontal to the camera works well.

Have all your accessories to hand. A stool/chair, mat, cushion/pillow and anything else you may have gathering dust from the shop such as spiky ball, overball, dynaband etc.

When class starts and you have all said hello you may be asked
to mute your mic to avoid disturbance. At the end of class you will have the opportunity to discuss any issues with your teacher.