The Master Class Programme

“The mind’s first step to self-awareness must be through the body” (George A.Sheehan).

Learning about ourselves is a constant and ever changing journey full of highs and lows. Being mindful of our own thoughts and actions is the first step towards making change. The journey then becomes the learning. Experiencing different disciplines along that journey helps us to form our own unique pathways, creating a balanced mind and body.

From January 2016 specially selected teachers from a wide range of disciplines will be invited to offer small group classes or workshops at Studio 117. Classes will be offered either as a series or one off workshop across a wide range of topics.

Master class: £30 for non-members, £28 for members

Master class series: £140 for 5 sessions for non-members, £125 for 5 sessions for members

Master class tickets are valid for 3 months – Master class series tickets are valid for 6 months
Pilates Foundation members receive a 10% discount on the above prices.
Information on presenters and a schedule of classes is available on-line or at reception.
All sessions must be pre-booked and are subject to 24hour cancellation policy.