Multiple Sclerosis

Are you living with Multiple Sclerosis, or recovering from a stroke?

Neurological conditions such as MS can be very challenging, requiring one to be twice as fit and strong as everyone else both emotionally and physically.

Why not come to Pilates Plus and learn how Pilates exercises can help you in your daily life. Make an investment in yourself and achieve a stronger, more flexible body whilst lifting your spirits.

Improve balance, co-ordination, circulation, flexibility breathing and muscle strength.

  • Strengthen muscles, improving balance and co-ordination.
  • Safely stretch and release overworked muscle groups that may be prone to spasm or stiffness.

Learn to breathe the Pilates way, improving circulation and general health whilst promoting a valuable sense of relaxation

Please call to chat to one of our receptionists. We will more than likely advise that you first attend a private session at either our studio or our Mat class centre at 117.