Pilates During and After Pregnancy

Both studio equipment classes and specialized pregnancy Mat-Work classes are suitable during and after pregnancy. Our studio equipment classes are held at Studio 4 and are available 7 days a week.

Pre Natal Pilates

Exercise during your pregnancy is extremely important for both you and your baby and Pilates is an enjoyable and safe way to help you stay toned, relaxed and healthy.

Each trimester of your pregnancy places new demands upon your body, which in turn begin to affect your posture. Together we can look at the issues concerning you and help you to experience a positive pregnancy and labor.

Post Natal Pilates

Following the birth of your baby it is extremely important to return to a gentle exercise programme as soon as you are able. This is usually about 3-4mths after your babies birth.

You will have a lot to cope with and get used to in these early days and you need to set aside a little time for yourself! Pilates will help you to relax and unwind whilst also focusing you on your pelvic floor muscles and helping you to regain strength and good posture.

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