Studio Timetable

Beginners Pilates

For those brand new to Pilates, or with very little practice. It is very important when starting Pilates that you understand the subtleties of the technique. Here at Pilates plus we believe in the very highest standards and want you to set of on the right foot in your Pilates practice. Focus is on Pilates fundamentals, improving posture and breathing techniques. This class would also be suitable if you wish to continue working on the basics and to gain strength before moving on to the Intermediate class. Your instructor will happily advise you whether or not you are ready to move on.


For those familiar with the Pilates technique, with no injuries, who wish to challenge themselves further, improving strength, coordination and flexibility. Small pieces of apparatus will be used to enhance the work out.

Mixed Level

This class is aimed at beginners or Intermediate level students who are unable to attend Pilates due to lack of childcare. On Fridays anyone can come with children or without, but it is known by everyone that children may be present. The parent remains fully responsible for their child.


If you would like to discuss this option please give us a call.



18.30-19.30 Beginners
19.30-20.30 Intermediate
20.30-21.00 Beginners