Cognitive Hypnotherapy with Paulette Brooks

Paulette Brooks - Cognitive HypnotherapistI have always been really interested in Human behaviour and how the mind works. Having trained in many therapies over the last 23 years, it became my quest to find one that actually works, a form of therapy that enabled the client to make change, quickly and effectively.

I chose a course providing cutting edge training that exceeds the National Occupational Standards set for Hypnotherapy in the UK.

The Quest Institute is where I trained in Cognitive Hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and emotional freedom technique (EFT) with the renowned trainer Trevor Silvester.

I went on to graduate in John Grinders Newcode NLP, training initially with Peter Salisbury and then advancing my skills and knowledge with John Grinder.

I have been running a successful Cognitive Hypnotherapy practise for the past 9 years in and around Richmond.

I appreciate a great therapist is not made by training alone therefore I am committed to my own personal development, attending, talks, workshops and breakthrough sessions (including Dr John Demartini’s, “The breakthrough experience”) as well as bringing a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and life experience to my work.

My Sessions

Many people could use some therapy, most not very much. Cognitive hypnotherapy is a means of effecting change in an individual. What that change is depends entirely on the individual.

However the common thread of outcome is a new perspective on life, a sense of balance in all aspects of life, including your physiology, emotions, mental ability, family relations, and financial situation.

I also have had specialist training in Confident Childbirth. Whether you have fears based on previous experience or stories you have heard. Or, you simply want help in ensuring a confident, calm and joyful experience. Confident childbirth sessions can help.

Please go to or call 07775 782 736 for more information.

A little light on the Therapy at 117

Many people can use a little therapy, most not very much.

Hi, my name is Paulette and I have been working from my lovely room in the Pilates plus studio at 117, St Margaret’s for nearly 2 years now. (practising for 10 years in total)

People of all ages and all walks of life come to me for change.

Whether it is because they are frightened of something other people find harmless, stressed by something that shouldn’t bother them or unable to resist something they want to resist. Any problem is part of the solution because it is at these times we are in trance.

What is Trance?

We all go in and out of trance all the time, for example being so absorbed in something that you lose track of time or forgetting part of your journey when driving because your mind was on something else.

As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist I utilise this everyday nature of trance.

In a sense I work to de-hypnotise the state the unconscious puts you in to “do” your problem.

90% of the things we do are unconsciously driven and that includes those things we do (negative behaviours) that we’d like to change.

Why do we have negative behaviours?

Negative behaviours are things we don’t want to do being done by our unconscious because it thinks it gives us benefit. The brain is plastic though, it is always changing and there are many ways to change your mind so that the purpose of your behaviour becomes one you choose.

Why Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist I see everyone as unique, because they are, and therefore I don’t use labels (many other therapies do) I believe everyone arrived at their issue through a series of experiences that have shaped their minds in a unique way.

I fit techniques and interventions from a wide range of approaches such as CBT, gestalt, NLP and positive Psychology into a bespoke treatment plan for each individual client. This is supported and enhanced by something called Word- weaving, a way of using the clients own words to create suggestions designed to accelerate the rate of Improvement and make it permanent.

I am always happy to have a conversation about how I may help you.

………This is where change begins.

Here are a few comments from previous clients:

“I feel as if I have got back the positive and motivated son who has been stuck in a bad place for a long time. :)”

“ I wanted to let you know that my son has gone to bed, slept through the night and woken up happy since we saw you. He feels safe now. So thank you so much for your help. This has really transformed our lives”.

“Paulette is extremely talented and insightful, gentle in her approach yet powerful with her results. She cares deeply about her clients and I am truly grateful and privileged to have met and worked with her”

“Paulette is brilliant with children; gentle, respectful, insightful and empowering. When a child is helped to understand that they already have the tools they need to help themselves deal with things that are troubling them, it gives them a great strength and self knowledge that spills over into anything they want to do”

“It was a few months later when I realised I’d forgotten I’d ever even had problems sleeping that it really hit me how amazing what she had done was”.