Pre Training

Pre-training Dates for 2018

  • Friday 16th March – Sunday 25th March
  • Friday 20th April- Sunday 29th April
  • Friday 8th June- Sunday 17th June
  • Friday 21st September- Sunday 30th Sept


Provisional information for pre-training course

This course is for those wishing to become teachers of the Gyrotonic® method. It can also be taken by anyone meeting the pre requisites who is interested in enriching their own practice. There is no commitment to enrolling in the rest of the program.

I encourage you to visit the Gyrotonic® headquarters website where you will see the whole teacher training program explained –

Venue:  Pilates Plus, 117 St Margarets Road

Teacher:  Sarah Duley, certified Gyrotonic® Pre Trainer

Pre-requisites for pre-training

Students must be familiar with progression 1 material on the pulley tower before enrolling in a pre-training course. This would usually mean a series of one on one classes with the teacher training provider, unless participants wish to organize group sessions. Sarah will be happy to discuss prices, circumstances etc. with each individual in order to make it viable within a short period of time.

Suggested times and dates

The course needs to be taken in a min of 6 days/30hrs. My suggestion is two long weekends.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday – 5hrs each day. Or possibly
Saturday/Sunday/Monday – 5hrs each day. Or even
Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday – 4hrs each day

This can be arranged as we wish to meet everyone’s availability and discussed when we meet and know who will be enrolling.


The base fee for a pre training course is set by Gyrotonic® headquarters and is currently 850 Euros

In addition to this there will be a studio fee of approx £100 for each participant.

Foundation Course

For those wishing to go on to the foundation course It is mandatory that no more than 12 weeks passes between a student completing the pre training course and starting the foundation course. For this reason I work closely with master trainers Beatrice Pasqual and Elaine Puren from Studio 74. London Bridge. They will be holding a foundation level one training around August/Sept.

Clearly each individual will have many questions and it is important to think carefully before enrolling. I therefore invite anyone seriously interested to an informal interview to ensure that you understand the way in which the whole foundation course is run. We can also discuss the suitability of the timings of the course etc.

You are more than welcome to call me with any queries. 07704 828699

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