Pre/Post Natal Studio Equipment Classes

Pre/Post Natal Studio Equipment  Classes

Our studio Pilates classes at No 4 are perfectly suited to Pre and Post Natal clients. As the class is tailored to your needs, and all of our instructors are experienced in this field, you will be well looked after and given appropriate exercises for your stage of pregnancy.

You will first need to attend a private session where you can meet your instructor and talk through your personal needs and goals. Following this you will enter a class with a max of 3 clients in it. The difference with this and a mat work class is that you will continue to be given exercises specific to your personal needs. You will of course also be using the equipment associated with the studio and can benefit from the assistance of the springs and pulleys to maximize your work out.

The studio is highly recommended if you have experienced any complications either during or after birth.

Please call us to book your first newcomers session.