Shiatsu – Giorgina Pontet

Shiatsu is a traditional healing Japanese art dating back to oriental medicine of 5000 years ago.

The practitioner apply pressure along the meridians line (channel of energy along the body). It is non intrusive as the client remain fully clothed and position itself on a futon at a floor level.

Shiatsu is primarily a preventive medicine which helps to maintain an individual’s health, vitality and stamina.

It strengthens the vital organs and prevents energy from getting blocked in the body.

Shiatsu can help a wide range of disorders and conditions including depression, migraine, headache, backache, injuries and other stress related conditions., the breathing pattern

Through un understanding of the whole being, breathing pattern, posture, and mental attitude , Giorgia and her client reach through the origin of the suffering, be it mental or physical.

Through her shiatsu she guide and support her client to learn how to maintain a state of well being.