The GYROTONIC® System can be adapted to many different remedial issues. Paul Horvath, Julio’s brother has done much research into the remedial application of GYROTONIC®.


Scoliosis is a lateral (sideways) curvature of the spine. It usually consists of two curvatures, the original abnormal curve and a compensatory curve in the opposite direction. In addition, the spine compensates by rotating in an effort to balance the body.

The cause of structural scoliosis is often unknown. If the curvatures are present at birth it is considered congenital. Scoliosis can develop in early childhood, and effects more girls than boys. Early treatment, while bones are still growing, is critical in order to avoid long-term complications or surgery. In severe cases, scoliosis not only impacts the spine and muscles but also inner organs like the lungs and heart.

The GYROTONIC® System has been proven to provide enormous benefits to scoliosis sufferers. Its 3-dimensional movement patterns and elongation of the spine are essential to this condition. Benefits will be felt within a few months of practicing this structured programme. Regular attendance is essential.


The root of many shoulder problems lies with poor posture and imbalance in the muscular make up of the upper torso.

Again this structured programme devised by Paul Horvath encourages lengthening of the neck, mobilization of the scapulae and stabilization of the pelvis. Elongation of the spine and three dimensional movement give the shoulder joint space and free up impingement.

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