Proprietor Sarah Duley Sarah completed her teacher’s training course with Pilates guru Alan Herdman in 1996. Previously a professional ballet dancer, Sarah had practised Pilates throughout her career, both as a strengthening routine and during times of injury. On completion of the course, Sarah went on to set up her own ‘mat work’ classes as well as teaching in other London studios. The desire to teach in semi-private situations, and the lack of such a studio outside of central London, led to the opening of the Sarah Duley Pilates Studio, from her home, in September 1999.

During this time Sarah became a founder member of the Pilates Foundation, now one of the leading bodies of the Pilates world. When pregnant with her second child the necessity to move the studio out of home increased, and Pilates Plus was opened in St Margarets in October 2001. In September 2003 Sarah qualified as a GYROTONIC® teacher, followed shortly by GYROKINESIS® qualification.

In May 2012 Sarah opened Studio 117, a dedicated GYROTONIC® Studio where she also provides GYROTONIC® Pre-Training courses.


Andrea’s passion for Pilates began when a physiotherapist recommended it to address her ongoing back issues. Over a period of time the pain almost completely disappeared. Andrea says “not only did it address my back issue, but I felt a much greater sense of overall well-being and strength. Soon I couldn’t imagine not having Pilates in my life.” Andrea loves to share her passion and the benefits Pilates can bring on so many levels: be it to move more freely, become stronger, treat injury or discover the link between state of mind and the physical body.

Aisha Tannahill Headshot


Aisha has over 12 years experience working in London’s high-end fitness and clinical sector having moved here from New Zealand in 2008. She is a certified BASI comprehensive pilates teacher as well as holding a personal trainer qualification from the New Zealand Institute of Sport.

Aisha has first hand experience of the true power of pilates after utilising it as part of managing a spinal injury she endured at the age of 12. Inspired by how quickly her back pain was managed by pilates, she decided to study with BASI UK and has since witnessed countless occasions of how life changing pilates can be. After completing her certification she gained experience working alongside physiotherapists and osteopaths in one of Londons leading musculoskeletal practices. There she helped individuals prepare and recover from surgery after referrals from consultants. She has developed a reputation for making the rehabilitation process both effective and fun.


Susana has been teaching multiple exercise disciplines for more than 22 years. Her journey with exercise and Pilates has been driven by her joy of fitness and her quest for deeper understanding of the body and movement. Confidently working alongside physical therapists and doctors, effectively problem solving, Susana takes clients from pain to pain-free. She has great success with disc pathologies, scoliosis, and general body niggles. She also offers Prenatal & Postnatal Pilates training, ensuring that mums and mums-to-be are physically, mentally and emotionally supported throughout their different transitions.


Geraldine suffered lower back problems due to years of bad posture, working long hours behind a desk and which her pregnancy also aggravated. Since discovering the Pilates Method, she hasn’t looked back. Helping her to understand her own body, it also helped her find her vocation.

Qualifying as a Pilates Instructor with the Pilates Foundation in London, Geraldine is passionate and enthusiastic and a thorough and precise Instructor.