There are times in our lives when we could benefit from a little one on one quality time. Our studios are quiet, peaceful spaces where you will feel relaxed and at ease. We like to treat people holistically, using our experience of working with the body over many years, to tailor make a programme specially designed for you. Our aim is to help you feel more comfortable and to improve your quality of life.


Neurological conditions such as these can be very challenging, requiring one to be twice as fit and strong as everyone else both emotionally and physically.

Exercise can help you in your daily life Improving balance, co-ordination, circulation, flexibility breathing and muscle strength. We will safely stretch and release overworked muscle groups that may be prone to spasm or stiffness. Learn to breathe the Pilates way, improving circulation and general health whilst promoting a valuable sense of relaxation.


It’s never too late! Sometimes we help people improve their bone density, but most importantly we can work on balance, co-ordination and strength as a preventative measure. If we are less likely to fall over, there is less chance of causing fracture.

We can teach you ways to exercise and stretch your feet and hands, improving suppleness and easing pain. Mobilizations to keep joints lubricated and posture checks to improve your own awareness.


Movement and breath give life to the body, restoring pathways and kinetic chains. Learn how to breathe properly and re vitalize your body, cleansing it from within. Start to feel better about your body and you will feel better in yourself. Energy makes energy! Discover simple techniques to help you in your daily life.


Before the age of 16 there is the possibility of correcting a curve of the spine. After this there is still the chance to improve muscular imbalances and your own levels of comfort. Movement is the key to so much, without it we literally starve our bodies. The sooner you learn how to take care of yourself, the better.

Make an investment in yourself and achieve a stronger, more flexible body whilst lifting your spirits.


Our studio Pilates classes at No 4 are perfectly suited to Pre and Post Natal clients. As the class is tailored to your needs, and all of our instructors are experienced in this field, you will be well looked after and given appropriate exercises for your stage of pregnancy.

Why is Pilates good for you during pregnancy and beyond?
Pilates exercises can be adapted to suit the changing needs of your body. During your pregnancy your body will undergo many changes. For example, as your baby grows it can begin to place a stress on your spine especially your lower back.

Pilates can help your body with these changes by building the strength you will need to support your skeleton and muscles. Your balance is affected during pregnancy and can be improved through Pilates. It will also help you maintain good movement in everyday life, which can contribute to a positive experience of pregnancy.

If you are thinking of an active birth, Pilates will help with your posture which can help your baby get in a good position ready for birth making childbirth easier to cope with. Useful breathing techniques, rest and relaxation exercises can also help ease the tension of labor. Pilates can help you to learn more about your body so that you can make the right choices for yourself in supporting you in the birth of your choice

In the postnatal period Pilates can help you with your posture as well as creating stronger back and tummy muscles. Life with a new baby is both challenging and rewarding. Our teachers can help you gain a healthy body image and tone your body to welcome you into motherhood. Pilates can be both harmonizing and energizing, a perfect combination in helping you looking after yourself to look after your new family.


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